The snow is finally falling!

All day the snow has been falling off and on.  I’ve had to shovel the walk 3 times, but it felt good to get out and do it.  The morning was spent with Brooke and Dayna, but once Brooke went down for a nap, I drove the short way to Laurelville to do some light hiking and picture taking in the snow.

I packed my Benro Travel Angel tripod and put an ND filter on the front of the 14-42mm.  This exposure was 1/10 second and f/11.

The hike was great, if a bit chilly.  There was no one around and was great to clear my head.  Shortly after I got home, Brooke stirred from her nap and as we were playing in the living room, she snatched up my Canon underwater camera.  Thankfully, it’s shock and drool proof.  I wonder how long until she starts taking better pictures than me?

G3 + Oly 45mm

Just back from vacation in Mexico

What better time to take a trip to a warm Caribbean climate than the dead of winter?  My wife and I both thought the same thing and booked a trip to the Dreams Resort in Puertos Aventura’s in Mexico.  We spent 4 nights relaxing and getting away from it all.  We snorkeled in the ocean, in a cenote and in a cave.  Dayna swam with Dolphins, Sea Lions and Manatee’s.  The resort threw a huge Super Bowl party complete with fake stadium displays, workers dressed as Cheerleaders, Security guards, players and referee’s.  Plenty of food as well.  There were beautiful sights, quiet nights and no work at all.  A fantastic trip.