Ziplining adventures

Being suspended over a hundred feet in the air by a pair of steel cables that you are racing down at around 45mph may seem an odd way to spend a Saturday, but it was great fun.  My wife, some friends and I headed up to Seven Springs to take their new canopy zip line tour and it was a blast.  The 2 guides that accompanied us (and kept us clipped in so we didn’t plummet through the trees) were awesome and also hilarious.

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Focusing on the details

It’s the beginning of July and the temperature was hovering around 100 degrees today.  Leaving the centrally air conditioned house is getting tougher, as a wall of moist heat slams into you as you step out the front door.  I didn’t let this deter me from heading up to Ohiopyle to get some mountain biking and photography in.  The biking went as well as can be expected since it was my first time on the mountain this year.  I did some new trails, had a blast and didn’t seriously injure myself, so that’s a win.

Finishing that, I decided to hike around Ohiopyle and see if any shots jumped out to me.  Since it was midday at this point, the light was rather harsh and the humid air was hazing everything up.  So I decided to forgo the landscape type shot and focus on some details.  Namely, a group of kayakers going over the main falls.  I tried to really zoom in and freeze the action.  Here are some of my favorites.

Ohiopyle is such a fun place to visit, you just never know what you might see.