A few from yesterday

Beam’s Rock in black & white

It has been a while since I’ve gotten out to just hike around with a camera and I felt the need to get lost in the woods for a bit.  I packed a light camera bag and planned on stopping at Laurel Mountain State Park and Linn Run State park after work.  Another reason to get out was to test my newly acquired Olympus 14-150mm superzoom.  I have been contemplating this lens for awhile to use primarily on outdoor hikes and camping when a single lens solution would be preferred to carrying multiple primes or zooms.  5 of the 6 shots are with this lens.

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JLM grip for the OMD E-M5

JLM Grip on the OMD E-M5 with Olympus 14-150mm attached

Ever since I bought my Olympus E-M5, I’ve kept my ears and eyes open for a new grip to make the camera more comfortable to hold.  Olympus designed the rear of the camera almost perfectly with the rubber thumb stop on the back, but the front grip leaves a bit to be desired.  Olympus knew this and released a clever two part grip (HLD-6) that adds a 2nd shutter button and command dial in ‘landscape’ mode and then the full controls when you add the ‘Portrait’ part of the grip.  I’ve been considering this grip since I first got the camera, but it’s expensive and a bit overkill for what I want, as I probably would not use the ‘Portrait’ portion of the grip all that often.

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