A sunny day winter hike

We are finally getting a fair amount of snow to go along with the bitterly cold weather.  In the past few days, about 4-6 inches of snow has dropped.  Fresh snow combined with a beautiful sunny day is just what I hoped for, so I packed a camera bag set off to one of my favorite places to hike, Ohiopyle State Park.  My first stop of the day was Cucumber Falls followed by a quick walk around the natural waterslides and then the main park area.

Cucumber Falls


2013-01-27 11-59-20


2013-01-27 12-15-24

2013-01-27 12-46-40


2013-01-27 12-58-24


2013-01-27 13-09-09

A new year, a new laptop, old pictures

It has been a busy month for my family and I.  The holidays were crazy as usual, I got sick for a solid week and just everything else has transpired to give me no free time to do any photography.  The weather has been not too great either, so I haven’t had much motivation to take a camera outside.  I did however, recently acquire a new laptop, so I went back through my large image library and keyword tag things a bit better and just touch up some older photo’s that I’ve mostly forgotten about.

This is a set that I took back in 2010 around the Blackwater Falls State Park and Seneca Rocks area.  It’s a pretty good drive from my house, so it’s not an area that I can get too often, although I would love to go back again.  With the new faster laptop, I decided to re-process these pictures to get them looking better.  Below are my favorites.