Backyard Bugs

While out in the backyard, I stumbled across a spider web in one of the bushes.  It was currently dinner time for the little arachnid.

These were taking with the Fuji X-E1 and either the 55-200mm or 18-55mm Fuji lenses with a Raynox 150 macro adapter.  A Fuji EF-42 flash was on camera.  The apertures were around f/16 to f/22.  The little macro adapter does a very good job of adding macro capability to the non-macro lenses.  Since the spider web was about 6 feet off the ground, I had to handhold the camera while balancing on a chair.  A tripod to steady the camera/lens would have been awesome.  There was also a slight breeze that was blowing the entire web back and forth, which made shooting rather maddening.  It was a fun experiment though.  I just hope this guy stays outside of my house.