First time for senior portraits of a male

While my photography ‘career’ has mostly consisted of landscapes and candid shots of family, I have been trying to branch out and get more into portraits as much as time allows. While I have had some experience with senior portraits, they have all been of females.  Before undertaking those shoots, I of course looked around online for idea’s on posing and other tips and tricks to help me out.  This most recent shoot however was my first time posing a male.  Posing has never been my strong point, but I never thought about the difference in posing a man vs. a woman.  While I think the shots turned out pretty well, this was a wake up call for sure that I need a whole lot more practice in this.


Camping at Laurel Hill State Park

The family and I just finished up a 4 day camping trip to Laurel Hill State Park.  The annual Bluegrass Festival was going on as well to add to our festivities.  They had good music, good food and lots of things for everyone to do.  Once again, the Fuji X kit served me very well.  From low light campfire shots to chasing a 3 year old catching butterflies, the X-T1 kept up without any issues.