A Cold Winter Day

While the past few weeks in south-west Pennsylvania has been quite frigid, today it warmed up just a bit and the sun made an appearance.  This made for a nice hike around Ohiopyle.  Having read that Cucumber Falls was totally frozen over, I decided to take a trip down to the Cascades as well as Jonathan Run Falls since I have never been to those in winter.  Both of those were almost all iced up as well.

For this trip, I packed very light since I wanted to test out my new Fuji 18-135mm lens.  I left my primes at home, which made for a compact and lightweight kit.  Basically all I had was the X-T1, 18-135mm, Variable ND Filter, batteries, memory cards and my Benro Travel Angel tripod.  Everything seemed to work great and even though the lighting was rather harsh (due to the time of day and a cloudless sky), the pictures were what I was hoping for.  I am ready for it to warm up and for Spring to arrive.