All of My Favorite Waterfalls

Anyone that views my posts will notice that I’m a sucker for smooth waterfall photos.  Anytime I see flowing water, I want to break out a tripod, screw an ND filter on my lens and slow that shutter speed way down.  It may be cliche, it may be done to death, but a well composed waterfall shot with creamy water is just so tranquil and pleasing to look at.  Below are my favorites that I’ve taken (no promises on the ‘well composed’ part) broken down by location.

This has to start of course with my favorite local hiking place, Ohiopyle State Park.  I go there often since it’s a short distance away and offers so much variety.  Between the colors in Autumn, the freeze in Winter, the flooding in Spring and the complete foliage in Summer, it always a bit different every time I go.  First we have Ohiopyle in the Winter, since that is what we are experiencing now.

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The Calm After the Winter Storm

The latest winter storm is now finished and we are now buried in snow.  We are used to getting snow, but 20+ inches overnight is a bit excessive for us.  I spent yesterday shoveling snow and then sled riding with the family, but today I left the house early and headed to my favorite spot, Ohiopyle State Park.  Even though I go there quite often, things are always a bit different, especially with multiple feet of snow.  My first spot was Cucumber Falls to try and get there before it got crowded.

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