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A new portfolio section is up

After a very long time of using a 3rd party portfolio gallery program, I decided to write my own and try to get reacquainted with the front end side of web stuff. The old portfolio was JAlbum and worked pretty well, until they started to insert ads into the page. That finally pushed me over the edge into breaking out a text editor and hacking something together.  It has a modal image dialog for display, dynamic layout and you can use the arrow keys to switch images when the image dialog is on the screen.

I wanted something simple and quick and so far, I think I’ve achieved that. So far on my machine, it works well. I figure it’ll get tested by others and then I’ll find out eventually.. besides, I’ll borrow this guys motto…

If you see something that isn’t working correctly, fire an email and I’ll take a look.  It certainly isn’t done, as it needs some nice transition effects and other things, but I think it’s better than what was there before.  I even learned a few new things along the way…

Out with the old?

When Olympus first announced their new flagship mirrorless camera, the OMD E-M5, my first thought was to preorder one as soon as I could, and I did.  Only after reading more about it and thinking that maybe I should wait until other, more informed people than I post opinions on it should I buy it.  Since then, I’ve not read anything negative about it and finding one to buy is turning out to be a tough challenge.  Maybe I should have kept that preorder after all.

The problem is, I don’t need yet another camera.  The ever marching tides of technology will not cease when I get my hands on this camera. It will be supplanted in mere months by something new from Panasonic or Olympus itself.  Knowing this and seeing how good the files have been looking coming out of my G3 has helped to temper the urge to order the E-M5.  This got me thinking back to when I first started into photography.  My first ‘real’ camera was the venerable Nikon D50.  It was a workhorse that went with me across the country and back.  Looking at some of the pictures is reminding me that essentially any camera in the past 5 years can take an acceptable and even great picture.  Below are some shots from that road trip and my first experience out west.  I need to go back and see more.

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