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Portraits and Fast Cars

Since coming home from Panama, there hasn’t been much time for photography around my house.  Between work and other things, the camera has mostly stayed in the bag.  Once in a while I pulled it out for some quick portrait sessions.  With a few new babies in the extended family, I had some extra work.

Today was a chance to get out with some friends and hang out at the drag strip where some raced their cars.  Since I don’t own anything fast, I brought my camera.

A Late Autumn Train and Bike Ride

Even though most of the leaves are down around here and the weather is getting colder, there is still plenty to do outside.  Some friends rented a house at Deep Creek for the weekend and invited me to visit.  So I spent Friday night and in the morning we rode the train from Cumberland to Frostburg and then biked the 16 miles back.  We stopped at one point on the trail to wait for the steam engine to come through a tunnel.  After we completed the ride, we drove over to Swallow Falls State Park for the afternoon.  Being there a few weeks earlier would have been spectacular.