The blackout is over!

So the blackout of my site is over.  I believe I had about 26 people visit during that time.  To those who simply can’t get enough of my pictures and sub-par writing, I apologize.

This whole event (from real websites, not mine) does show how quickly causes can escalate.  I don’t think I have ever seen the proliferation of so much anger towards a bill in Congress before.  It’s good to see people starting to pay attention to what our government is doing.  I hope the next time they do something like this people will once again question them.

Anyway, to make up for the blackout and no new pictures for a week, here are a few of my past favorites that may or may not have ever been posted here.

A short walk

Going back to work on Monday’s when the weather is this nice is always a challenge.  Luckily I found time during my lunch break to grab a camera and take a short walk through town.  It was a bit chilly, but the sun was shining bright and I needed to get outside and take advantage of it.  So I packed up the Domke bag (G3, 14-42, 20, 45) and took off.  I ended up just leaving the 14-42mm kit zoom on the entire time though.

The back alleys on the main street (there is only 1 in Scottdale) are the most interesting.  The buildings are generally very old and a in some places a bit run down from the rear, but this only adds character.

And of course, when I returned home to log back into my work computer, I found this lying in wait in the bathroom sink next to my office…

Cats are weird.

Bike ride in January

The weather has done a 180 in the past few days to the point where it was above 50 and sunny today.  I couldn’t pass it up.  After a quick tune up of the bike, air in the tires and packed a small camera bag, I set off.

I ventured down to the local rail trail a mile from my house and set off at a pretty good pace.  The trail was rather soggy and it took quite the effort to keep a quick pace.  Soon enough I slowed down a bit and got the camera out.

Most of my shooting today was done around this set of railroad tracks.  The landscape was very drab and I was out during the worst time of day to shoot, so my options were limited. The texture of the track was interesting though, so I focused on that.

I was back home only after 10 miles, but it felt really good to just get outside.  The only thing on my mind was pedaling and photographing.  Once I got home, the legs were burning pretty good, but the wife wanted to go for a walk, so off the bike and into running shoes I went.

A great start to the new year

Most people when they think of a way to start the new year do not think of jumping into a river of near freezing water.  This is where my wife has a different opinion than most.  Every year, her and some members of her family jumped into the Yough river in Connellsville on New Years Day.  I asked the only logical question when I first learned of this activity, why?  Needless to say, the first New Years we spent together had me jumping into the river right next to her.  It was quite the rush really and something I’ve done numerous times now.  This year (and last year) had me playing pack mule and carrying not only their towells and changes of clothes, but our daughter was well.

So in the backpack went Brooke and off we went to walk around and watch everyone take the plunge.  A good number of people showed up again this year.

This was the group picture they take every year.  Every year is seems to get bigger and bigger.

One of these years, when Brooke is older or if we have a sitter, I’ll take the plunge once again.  Until then, I have a good excuse to simply play photographer.

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