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The snow is finally falling!

All day the snow has been falling off and on.  I’ve had to shovel the walk 3 times, but it felt good to get out and do it.  The morning was spent with Brooke and Dayna, but once Brooke went down for a nap, I drove the short way to Laurelville to do some light hiking and picture taking in the snow.

I packed my Benro Travel Angel tripod and put an ND filter on the front of the 14-42mm.  This exposure was 1/10 second and f/11.

The hike was great, if a bit chilly.  There was no one around and was great to clear my head.  Shortly after I got home, Brooke stirred from her nap and as we were playing in the living room, she snatched up my Canon underwater camera.  Thankfully, it’s shock and drool proof.  I wonder how long until she starts taking better pictures than me?

G3 + Oly 45mm

A Short hike on a warm day

On this fairly warm Sunday, I was once again able to get some free time to go for a hike through Ohiopyle.  The sky was clear, the sun was bright and the trails were mostly empty, which made it all the more peaceful.  We’ve had a good amount of rain in the past week, so the river and falls were flowing more than usual.  The roar of the water could be heard all along the trails.

Yough river right above the main falls. G3 + 14-42mm

I started from the visitor’s center and made my way over to Great Gorge Trail.  This would take me along the river and put me right above Cucumber Fall’s.  It is basically a loop around the Ferncliff Peninsula.  Then I could just pick up 381 and walk back to the main Falls before heading to my car.  Not a very long hike, but one full of good views.  The rocky outcroppings are full of interesting detail and textures, if you look carefully.

Rock wall. G3 + 14-42mm

With all the leaves down and the sun high in the sky, it was tough to find anything very scenic or expansive to photograph.  The lighting was awful and the color wasn’t much better.  This harsh lighting did give me a change to really push a raw file and “HDR” it to see what I could get out of it.  I am pleasantly surprised with this.

Cliff side. G3 + 14-42mm

Of course, a trip to Ohiopyle isn’t complete without at least one picture of Cucumber Falls.  I love this waterfall because every time I’ve been there, it’s been different.

Cucumber Falls. G3 + 14-42mm

Further on down the trail in the shade, some puddles were still iced over.  The ice was closer to melting, which gave it a nice sheen and texture.

G3 + 14-42mm
G3 + 14-42mm

After this, it was time to walk back to the car.  The hike only lasted for an hour and half, but it was a perfect time to reflect on things and forget about all the struggles we face daily.  I need to do it more often.

A short walk

Going back to work on Monday’s when the weather is this nice is always a challenge.  Luckily I found time during my lunch break to grab a camera and take a short walk through town.  It was a bit chilly, but the sun was shining bright and I needed to get outside and take advantage of it.  So I packed up the Domke bag (G3, 14-42, 20, 45) and took off.  I ended up just leaving the 14-42mm kit zoom on the entire time though.

The back alleys on the main street (there is only 1 in Scottdale) are the most interesting.  The buildings are generally very old and a in some places a bit run down from the rear, but this only adds character.

And of course, when I returned home to log back into my work computer, I found this lying in wait in the bathroom sink next to my office…

Cats are weird.

A great start to the new year

Most people when they think of a way to start the new year do not think of jumping into a river of near freezing water.  This is where my wife has a different opinion than most.  Every year, her and some members of her family jumped into the Yough river in Connellsville on New Years Day.  I asked the only logical question when I first learned of this activity, why?  Needless to say, the first New Years we spent together had me jumping into the river right next to her.  It was quite the rush really and something I’ve done numerous times now.  This year (and last year) had me playing pack mule and carrying not only their towells and changes of clothes, but our daughter was well.

So in the backpack went Brooke and off we went to walk around and watch everyone take the plunge.  A good number of people showed up again this year.

This was the group picture they take every year.  Every year is seems to get bigger and bigger.

One of these years, when Brooke is older or if we have a sitter, I’ll take the plunge once again.  Until then, I have a good excuse to simply play photographer.