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A new year, a new laptop, old pictures

It has been a busy month for my family and I.  The holidays were crazy as usual, I got sick for a solid week and just everything else has transpired to give me no free time to do any photography.  The weather has been not too great either, so I haven’t had much motivation to take a camera outside.  I did however, recently acquire a new laptop, so I went back through my large image library and keyword tag things a bit better and just touch up some older photo’s that I’ve mostly forgotten about.

This is a set that I took back in 2010 around the Blackwater Falls State Park and Seneca Rocks area.  It’s a pretty good drive from my house, so it’s not an area that I can get too often, although I would love to go back again.  With the new faster laptop, I decided to re-process these pictures to get them looking better.  Below are my favorites.

Where is the snow?

I realize that asking this question is bound to bring on an apocalyptic snowstorm, but it’s something I’m missing.  I’d like to go out and hike in the snow, maybe some biking and of course some picture taking.  I want like 3 feet of shut down everything snow.  Since this doesn’t seem as if it’s going to happen, I just had to go back through my archives and dig up some images of the last big snowstorm.  So here they are.  These were are all taken in and around Ohiopyle a day after a snowstorm dumped multiple feet of snow on top of even more snow back in February 2010.

Getting down to Cucumber Falls meant that we had to scale a 4 foot high wall of snow and then trudge through 3 feet snow that no one has been through yet.  Fun times!

There were some massive icicles hanging off of the walls.  Not something to be walking under.

The falls were mostly frozen over, but some water was coming down.

Here is how we had to get back to the road.

I guess I’ll have to wait a big longer for the snow.  All I see in the forecast is rain and gloom.


The blackout is over!

So the blackout of my site is over.  I believe I had about 26 people visit during that time.  To those who simply can’t get enough of my pictures and sub-par writing, I apologize.

This whole event (from real websites, not mine) does show how quickly causes can escalate.  I don’t think I have ever seen the proliferation of so much anger towards a bill in Congress before.  It’s good to see people starting to pay attention to what our government is doing.  I hope the next time they do something like this people will once again question them.

Anyway, to make up for the blackout and no new pictures for a week, here are a few of my past favorites that may or may not have ever been posted here.

Christmas Portraits

Some friends stopped by tonight for some Christmas portraits of their kids.  I had a few lightstands with umbrella’s already set up and ready to go in the living room, the fire place going and the tree all lit up.

We tried to have fun, even though this wasn’t what the kids had in mind for ‘fun’.  They were great sports about it though, and even got to the point of silliness after a bit.

Once we got the Christmas shots done with, we moved to a solid backdrop for a more traditional look.  There were many good shots, but this is one of my favorites.