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The first camping trip of the season

This weekend was spectacular for camping, cool at night and warm during the day with a nice breeze.  All day the sun shone and the blue sky was dotted with just a few clouds.  We spent both days outside running and playing and I even was able to frame a few shots.  All in all, a wonderful weekend and a great first camping trip of the year.

Photos from the underground

This past Saturday, my wife and I reserved a spot in the Laurel Caverns lower caving tour. This set of caverns goes about 45 stories deep and the majority of it is unlighted.  There is a good amount of climbing over and down rocks as well as some crawling.  The spaces can be very tight.  This was my first time doing something like this, and I had no idea what to expect.  It was amazing at how pitch black and quiet it is when you’re that far underground.  The mind starts to wander and think about what would happen if the flashlights failed.  Anyway, here are the pictures (all taken with an OMD E-M5).  The first is above the mountain, the next are far below it.

After the caving tour, my wife and I spent the night at the Summit Inn.  This hotel was built around 1902 and sits on top of a mountain overlooking the town of Hopwood.  In this day and age, finding places with this much character is tough.  The woodwork is beautiful and in the lobby sits a large stone fireplace with plenty of old wooden chairs around it.

Where does the time go?

Another month has flown by so yet another may start.  With everything going on, photography has taken a backseat somewhat and has been limited too family shooting.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it does limit this blog a bit.

One of the great benefits of the nicer weather though is constantly being outside and following my daughter around.  If she’s awake and it’s not raining, she generally wants to be exploring the town, running around the park or just watching other people.  She is branching out more and trying new things, like the ‘big’ slide at the park by herself and trying to climb up the fake rock wall.  It’s just awesome to be in the moment.

While I was on my lunch break, I had to walk down to a local store and pick up a few things, so naturally, a camera came with me.  I was a bit limited on time and even more limited on inspiration.  I do like this one shot though.