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It’s prom portrait time.

Last week I got a text from a friends little brother asking if I could take some pictures of him and his girlfriend before their prom.  I agreed, we set up a time and I started to pack the gear.  We were going to meet a little after 4, so I knew the afternoon sun was going to be rough.  As with all the prom-goer’s in our town, they wanted the pictures at a local park area.  Almost all of the area was exposed to the bright sun and there was very little shade. I felt fairly well prepared for this since I had a plan going into it.  Here is the first shot in a very harsh mix of shade and beams of light coming down through the tree’s overhead.


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A frozen moment in black and white

This picture is the answer to why I tend to carry a camera most places.  My family was just  visiting some extended family when Brooke decided that it was time to go outside and play in the backyard.  Out go the grandparents following to watch over and play with her.  Standing idly by on the side, I waited to get something like this.  I love her expression and the spontaneity of the moment.  I don’t know about other real photographers, but I could not have posed this given the entire night.  In reality, the moment lasted about 2 seconds, which I took a burst of 3 frames and found 1 that became this.  I’m quite pleased.

Where does the time go?

Another month has flown by so yet another may start.  With everything going on, photography has taken a backseat somewhat and has been limited too family shooting.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it does limit this blog a bit.

One of the great benefits of the nicer weather though is constantly being outside and following my daughter around.  If she’s awake and it’s not raining, she generally wants to be exploring the town, running around the park or just watching other people.  She is branching out more and trying new things, like the ‘big’ slide at the park by herself and trying to climb up the fake rock wall.  It’s just awesome to be in the moment.

While I was on my lunch break, I had to walk down to a local store and pick up a few things, so naturally, a camera came with me.  I was a bit limited on time and even more limited on inspiration.  I do like this one shot though.


The snow is finally falling!

All day the snow has been falling off and on.  I’ve had to shovel the walk 3 times, but it felt good to get out and do it.  The morning was spent with Brooke and Dayna, but once Brooke went down for a nap, I drove the short way to Laurelville to do some light hiking and picture taking in the snow.

I packed my Benro Travel Angel tripod and put an ND filter on the front of the 14-42mm.  This exposure was 1/10 second and f/11.

The hike was great, if a bit chilly.  There was no one around and was great to clear my head.  Shortly after I got home, Brooke stirred from her nap and as we were playing in the living room, she snatched up my Canon underwater camera.  Thankfully, it’s shock and drool proof.  I wonder how long until she starts taking better pictures than me?

G3 + Oly 45mm