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The blackout is over!

So the blackout of my site is over.  I believe I had about 26 people visit during that time.  To those who simply can’t get enough of my pictures and sub-par writing, I apologize.

This whole event (from real websites, not mine) does show how quickly causes can escalate.  I don’t think I have ever seen the proliferation of so much anger towards a bill in Congress before.  It’s good to see people starting to pay attention to what our government is doing.  I hope the next time they do something like this people will once again question them.

Anyway, to make up for the blackout and no new pictures for a week, here are a few of my past favorites that may or may not have ever been posted here.

Ice hockey shots

Last night had me shooting in the ice rink for my little brother’s hockey game.  There was nothing too special, but hockey is a hard sport to shoot and the lighting conditions are not the best.

The toughest part is working around the other players and the officials.  The action moves so quick and there are so many bodies flying around that getting a clean frame is difficult and requires some luck.

Having another body partially obstruct the subject can occasionally work out.  I like the above image and I think the left hand blurry player adds depth to the image.  A split second later and the that blurry player would have filled the frame and destroyed the image.