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Getaway to Mexico

My wife and I have recently returned from our latest trip to Mexico.  We went down with some friends and had a great time together.  My basic camera kit came along for the trip as well.

In order to try and pack somewhat light, I brought along the X-Pro2, Rokinon 12mm, Fuji 18-55mm, 23mm f/2 and 35mm f/1.4.  While this may seem like a lot, the kit is very compact and rather lightweight all together.  The kit, along with a Surface Pro 4, accessories, Velbon Ultra Maxi tripod and other stuff all fit into my backpack as my carry on personal item on the plane.  This kit let me shoot essentially everything I needed.  Long exposures on the beach at night were no issue and the 18-55mm served well during the day on the beach to prevent changing lenses most often.

Views from Myrtle Beach, SC

One of our favorite places to vacation is a very specific neighborhood in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  It’s a small community sandwiched between the State Park and a large campground.  No high rise hotels within a mile and the only people on the beach in front of the house is people in the neighborhood.  It’s very quiet and the beach is great.  Walking a half mile to the north is the Myrtle Beach State Park pier.  This provided me something to include with the sunrise shots.  A tripod and variable ND let me slow the shutter down enough to flatten the water.

We also visited the aquarium down here and just had a wonderful week relaxing on the beach.